Black Cherry Blues Book notes

Here are my book notes for Black Cherry Blues by James Lee Burke. 


4/5 stars. Lightweight but entertaining. Mostly succeeds at what it sets out to do, except when it comes to the female characters.

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Started the book on Jan 13 2019. Completed on Jan 25 2019. Averaged 24 pages a day. I read the Kindle version, on my Kindle Oasis.


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  • Solid but lightweight Robicheaux southern gothic mystery yarn. After the crushing melodrama of the first two novels (note: I'm not complaining here, that thick, juicy southern gothic melodrama is one of the main reasons I read the series), the lightweight nature of the book is a nice change-of-pace; especially since we're settling in for a 20+ book series here. 

  • The mystery and plot of this one was a lot more clear-cut than the first two, whose plots were chock-full of ambiguous twists and turns and characters with murky motives. In retrospect, I think I prefer the moody, melodramatic murkiness of the first two (the True Detective TV series strikes a similar tone), but again the breeziness is a nice break after the intensity of the first two. 

  • I’m docking an entire star for the embarrassingly paper-thin female characters, whose portrayal in the series this far is borderline misogynist. Now, those are strong words, so I should clarify that I don't sense any intention of this kind of animosity from the author; in fact, quite the opposite, I sense a genuine warmth and affection for his doomed cardboard damsels, which makes me think that maybe James Lee Burke should stick to writing male characters? I mean, look at the evidence: Annie was alright, nice and smart and with a fierce streak, until she got, uh, [ S P O I L E R ] stuffed into the fridge [ / S P O I L E R ]. Robin — do I need to say anything about Robin, the whore with a heart of gold that Dave turns to in the second half of book 2 (intense shudder)? Darlene was hardly a character, and I’m still confused if Tess Regan was intended to be a love interest or even a character to be honest. Hopefully this is an aspect of the series that will improve as we go.